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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

MAM - Ultivent Silk Teat (2pack)


The Silk Teat is specially designed to feel just like your skin. The silky textured and design mimics the shape and feel of your breast, encouraging your baby to suckle.

The teat is thin, soft, and, with its silky surface, creates the comfortable feeling of skin. In addition, it is flat and symmetrical - this corresponds to the form which the nipple takes when the baby is sucking milk. This promotes natural sucking behavior in your child, which promotes your child's jaw development.

The teat is relatively broad. Thus, it offers a large contact surface for the lips, and your child must open his or her mouth widely, as when at the mother's breast.

Available in:

Slow flow: Size 1 - 0 to 6 months
Medium flow: Size 2 - 6 to 12 months
Fast flow: Size 3 - 12 months to 18 months
Super Fast flow: Size X - 18 months and up

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Jingle Jungle - Celebrity Bag & Cooler Set


Black With Silver Trim


Now RM109.90

The Celebrity Breastfeeding Travel Bag by Jingle Jungle is a functional bag for moms on the go! It's not only stylish, but also practical, one of the best choices available for professional working and pumping moms!


* It offers ample space to hold any double electric breastpumps (eg. Medela Pump in Style, Medela Mini Electric plus, Ameda Lactaline, Spectra 3, Dew 300 or 350, Avent Isis Duo, etc...) It offers you glamourous celebrity and yet discreet way to carry all your pumping equipment! :)

* Besides, it's also roomy enough to hold your cooler tote (note: matching cooler kit bag available) and your other personal belongings such as a handbag, a book, a iPad and so on...

* Though it offers the above ample space, but trust us that it comes in just the RIGHT size to go with even the most petite size moms! :)

* Adjustable cushioned strap for customized drop length and special handle for hand carry option.

* Small access at the back of the bag for the electric breastpump's plug to attach to a power point (no need to take out your breastpump and pump straight from the bag!) - oh yeah, we forgot to mention that it has a big zipper pocket at the front of the bag for you to pull out the breastpump's tubing for immediate expressing too - Save your precious time. Pumping will never be so easy and celeb again! :P

* And the bag’s useful life doesn’t end there. :) It's very functional that the bag can be used long after mom is done pumping. It can be turned into a handy office bag OR a casual travel bag OR a diaper bag when travelling with baby.

Jingle Jungle Cooler Kit Bag

It is a small and stylish cooler kit bag which looks just like your cosmetics bag. *wink-wink*

It is also a matching cooler kit bag which we design to go with our Celebrity breastfeeding bag.

It is very convenient to carry around or just pop it into any bag you want! No one will suspect that you're carrying around your precious milk until they accidentally touch on the bag which is cold!

It holds 4 to 6 storage bottles and 2 to 4 icepacks. You need to make adjustment on the number of bottles and icepacks.

Spectra 3

Now RM310.40

Spectra 3 is almost one third the size of the Spectra 2 which makes it ideal for home and office use. The advantages are: very quiet, long life span, rhythmic suction (mimics baby's sucking rhythm - very comfortable to use), adjustable suction, simple to use, dual pumping option available by just getting the breastshield kit. Accessories (breast shield, tubing) are separable so it's easy to wash and sterilize. Its light weight and compact design make it extremely portable and good to use in a small space.

This set consists of:

Pump motor/body
1 Bottle with wide neck teat and bottle cap
1 conversion kit for wide neck bottles
1 Breast shield set and tubing only.

Product Specifications:

Suction strength: (mmHg) 0 ~ 270 (+/- 10%)
Suction cycle (Cycles/minute): Approx.35
Lifetime (hour): 1500
Dual pumping options: available
Suction settings: adjustable
Power source: Ac adapter
Electric: Yes
Weight(kg): Approx. 1.4kg
Warranty: 6 months

Medela - Swing Breastpump Package


With this promo price, you will receive:

1 unit of Medela Swing Breastpump (RM799) *With 2-Phase Expression, Gently massaging SoftFit Breastshield and it can be electric or battery-powered* and Medela City Style Breastpump Cooler Bag - complete with 4 PP BPA Free bottles, 1 contoured shape ice chiller, 1 mini cooler and 1 sling bag to store your breastpump and the mini cooler set) (RM269) & Jingle Jungle Breastmilk Storage Bottle *BPA Free* (6 packs) (RM24.90).

Medela - Swing Breastpump


Swing is small and gentle but quietly strong!

For mothers who enjoy their baby and their lifestyle - Swing is ideal for pumping at home as well as on the go. The breastpump is small, light and trendy, and can be used on a tabletop, belt clip or shoulder/neck strap, so you can always take it with you. For fast, gentle pumping, where it suits you best. Swing is discreet and stylish - it makes breastfeeding fun! It is the only single electric personal use pump with breakthrough 2-Phase Expression technology for maximum milk flow. First researched and developed for hospital breastpumps, 2-Phase Expression is an advanced pumping pattern that mimics a baby's natural nursing rhythm by pumping in two distinct modes.

Stimulation mode: To simulate your baby's initial rapid sucking to start your milk flowing

Expression mode: To simulate your baby's slower deeper sucks to express your milk gently and efficiently.

More features:

One touch let down button designed for faster milk flow
Convenient, easily fits into a purse or briefcase
Efficient, adjustable speed and vacuum
Comfortable, comes with SoftFit Breastshield
Mobile, use on a tabletop, belt clip or shoulder/neck strap.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Fabulous Mom - Washable Bra Pads (4 pieces) *White*

Now RM10.32

Fabulous Mom Washable Bra Pads are thoughtfully designed for our fabulous nursing moms!


* Absorb milk leakage which prevents unsightly milk spots
* Brushed cotton lining which is soft and gentle against the skin
* Seamless and contoured for good and comfortable fit
* Beautiful lacy non-slip backing helps to hold pads in place
* Washable and reusable - Value Buy and Save the Earth too

Contains 4 layers:

a lace outer layer, a waterproof layer, an absorbent layer, and an inner layer of soft, brushed flannel. Breathable materials for complete air circulation.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Fabulous Mom Kelly Nursing Bra

Now RM31.90

New and enhanced version of our ever green Kelly nursing maternity bra. Kelly is now padded for better comfort, better protection (no more worries of nipples showing, especially after nursing), better fit and better value for money!

As all our nursing bras, Kelly has a convenient hook for quick and easy nursing access. It features 3 positions back and adjustable shoulder straps for better support, comfort and fit. It features a more discreet 'window' opening, unlike our other mostly full drop cup bras, for that extra bit of privacy when breastfeeding in public.

Made from high quality completely breathable cotton spandex material.

Look at the youthful print, it's something different for your nursing wardrobe! It's thoughtfully designed by moms for moms.

Sizes: 34B, 34C, 34D, 36B, 36C, 36D, 38B, 38C, 38D